Mittelalterliches Spektakulum Angelbachtal


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Entrance Fees and Advance Sale:

  Advance Sale Box Office
Adults 12,- Euros 14,- Euros
Children*, 6-16 years of age and with school student cards 8,- Euros 9,- Euros
Handicapped persons,
at least 80% disability
12,- Euros 12,- Euros
Students with student card 12,- Euros 12,- Euros


Our familiy tarrif: Every other child within a family is FREE!

And as always: Visitors in historical costume pay only the reduced fee.
It is up to our cashiers to decide what counts as historical dress and what doesn't. At any rate, a simple "pirate's shirt" and a funny hat willl NOT do!

Advance tickets are available online from the Karfunkel Internet Shop:


or at the following advance sale points (by post code):

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Heidelberg, Neugasse 4-6,
69117 Heidelberg, Tel.: 06221-163083

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Wiesloch, Schlossstr. 2,
69168 Wiesloch Tel.: 06222-587660

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Eberbach, Neuer Markt 8,
69412 Eberbach, Tel.: 06297-925510

Karfunkel-Bücherkiste im Histotainment Park Adventon
74706 Osterburken , Tel.: 06291-647914

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Mosbach, Gartenweg 9,
74821 Mosbach Tel.: 06261-932210

Bücherland Sabine Schmidt, Kirchplatz 12,
74889 Sinsheim, Tel.: 07261-64288

Buchhandlung J. Doll, Bahnhofstr. 17,
74889 Sinsheim, Tel.: 07261-2322

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Sinsheim, Bahnhofstr. 27a,
74889 Sinsheim Tel.: 07261-944010

Gemeinde Angelbachtal, Schloßstraße 1,
74918 Angelbachtal, Tel.: 07265 / 9120-0

Christel Schweißhelm, Friedrichstr. 9,
74918 Angelbachtal, Tel.: 07265-7403

Reinigung und Lottoverkaufsstelle Bender, Hauptstr. 60,
76684 Östringen Tel.: 07253-21379

Tjost der Ritter